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Month: January 1830

‘Farrier and Naturalist’ Vol 3 Issue 1 – 1 January 1830

Articles include: To the Reader; Veterinary Anatomy; Diseases of Cows. Worms in the Trachea; Case of Worms in the Horse; On Inflammation; Hunting the Wild Ox; An Essay on the Minute Anatomy and Physiology of the Organs of Vision, in Man, and the various Orders of Animals

‘Farrier and Naturalist’ Vol 3 Issue 2 – 15 January 1830

Articles include: On the Breeding of Stock; Veterinary College; Veterinary Anatomy; Death from Exposure to Cold; Case Resembling Intermittent Fever; Horse Dealing: Court of Common Pleas – Crowder v. Austin

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 3 Issue 1 – January 1830

Articles include: Anatomy of the Horse; Youatt on Rabies Canina; A Case of Pneumonia; On Breeding; Inflammation and Rupture of the Liver; Symptoms of a Case of Acute Pleurisy, Speedily Followed by Death; …