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Month: October 1883

“The Quarterly Journal of Veterinary Science in India and Army Animal Management” Vol 2 Issue 5 – October 1883

Articles include: Editorial. Annus Veterinarius, 1882-83; Notes and News. 34. French Army; Notes and News. Law on the Conscription of Horses; Veterinary Literature: Indian. Past and Present; Veterinary Surgery. Dilatation of the Stomach; Veterinary Surgery. Dilatation of the Stomach;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 56 Issue 10 – October 1883

Articles include: On Plants in Relation to Animals, Incontinence of Urine in a Cow – Traumatic Origin, Remarkable Case of Enlargement of the Stomach, Pleuro-Pneumonia, Foot and Mouth Disease….