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Month: March 1919

1 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 10 Mar 1919

Smith writes regarding his search for a new place to live, discussing various places in Sussex, including Reigate, Horsham and Crowborough. He also asks Bullock to look for Professor Haycroft’s papers in the Journal of Physiology…

2 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 12 Mar 1919

Smith writes thanking Bullock for his notes on Reigate and Horsham in Sussex. He also asks Bullock to send him references for works in the British Museum, for him to consult at a later date, including the ‘British Medical Journal’, ‘Brain’ journal, ‘Hindu Achievements in Exact Science’ by B K Sarkar, ‘Studies in Literature’ by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch, and poems by Reverend Watkins-Pitchford…

3 – Copy letter to Dr Nicola Checcia [Checchia] from Fred Bullock, 13 Mar 1919

This letter is in French, and was presumably sent to Smith for his reference. The accompanying letter from Bullock to Smith has not been located.

4 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 16 Mar 1919

Smith writes regarding the horse in the Parthenon marble frieze, and various methods of horse riding. He thanks Bullock for telling him about Mr Howard of Dorking, [Surrey]. Smith also mentions looking at sources including an article by [Sir Thomas] Clifford Allbutt and works by Watkins-Pitchford…

5 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 20 Mar 1919

Smith writes about various subjects including: translation of Chiron; German translation; Smith’s Dervish scabbard; checking the preface to the book version of ‘Early History of Veterinary Literature’…

6 – Letter to Frederick Smith from Fred Bullock, 22 Mar 1919

Bullock writes regarding the preface to Smith’s ‘Early History of Veterinary Literature’ book, and translation of Chiron by himself and his wife Janet.

7 – Translation of letter from Nicola Checchia, 24 Mar 1919

Checchia writes regarding the work of Columbre, ‘L’opera de manischalcia’, and his own work[?] ‘Psychology of Animals’. This is a translation into English by Fred Bullock. The original was not located at time of cataloguing.