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Category: 05 – Correspondence sent and received in 1914

Letters between Frederick Smith and Fred Bullock, Secretary of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons [RCVS]. The main subject of discussion is research carried out by Smith, with Bullock’s assistance, regarding manuscript and literary sources of veterinary history and biography during the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. At this time, Smith has two regular series of articles appearing in print: ‘Veterinary History of the War in South Africa’ published in ‘Veterinary Record’; and ‘Early History of Veterinary Literature’ published in ‘Journal of Comparative Pathology and Therapeutics’. Particular topics discussed include: manuscripts held by the British Museum, include the Sloane collection; the collections in the Library of the RCVS and the Royal Veterinary College; interpretation and translation of historical works by authors including Blundeville and Leonard Mascall; plagiarism by veterinary authors; communication with individuals such as Dr A S Lea, Leon Moule and Lieutenant Colonel Lupinacci; arranging for photography of manuscripts; reviews of and issues relating to Smith’s publications; and personal matters such as Smith’s ill health. Smith returned to the Army Veterinary Service upon the outbreak of the First World War [World War, 1914-1918], but there is very little mention of this in the letters.

41 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 1 Dec 1914

Smith writes about various subjects including: illustrative plates in the works of Ruini and Snape; confusion regarding Phillip Scacco according to Delprato; information about Cardinal Spinola; the ill health of Dr A S Lea.

42 – Letter to Frederick Smith from Fred Bullock, 4 Dec 1914

Bullock writes regarding the results of his research into Cardinal Spinola and Phillip Scacco. He also mentions comparisons of plates in the works of Ruini and Snape.

43 – Letter to Frederick Smith from Fred Bullock, [c.1914]

Bullock writes with information regarding the Blundeville family, and Newton Hall manor. He mentions that he will write to Reverend E H K Long regarding a brass plaque of Thomas Blundeville.

44 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, [c. 1914]

Smith writes regarding getting access to a will [Blundeville’s?] through the consistory court. He also mentions that he plans to visit London soon, and searching for Neumann’s ‘Veterinary Biography’ in the British Museum.

45 – Manuscript notes [sent to Fred Bullock] by Frederick Smith, [c. 1914]

Manuscript notes in Smith’s handwriting regarding Ercolani’s writings on Ruffus, Albertus, Rusius and Ruini.