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‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 37 Issue 11 – November 1864

Articles include: Communications and Cases. Opening of the Session of the Royal Veterinary College. Introductory Address by Professor Spooner; Intusception of the Small Intestines of Two Pointer Puppies; Botay as Applied to Veterinary Science; Provincial Veterinary Medical Associations; Case of Supposed Fracture of the Os Calcis;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 38 Issue 7 – July 1865

Articles Include: Communications and Cases. Disease of the Brain and Cranial Bones Produced by a Cancerous Tumour; Tumours in the Ventricle of the Brain of the Horse, Complicated with Oedema of the Head and Tongue;
Toxicological Notes. Communicated by Professor Tuson; The Exclusive Right of the Members of the Body Corporate to the Name and Title of ” Veterinary Surgeons”; Botany as Applied to Veterinary Science;…