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‘Farrier and Naturalist’ Vol 1 Issue 6 – June 1828

Articles include: The Library of the British Museum; Lameness in Horses. College Doctrines; New Veterinary Medical Society; Rot in Sheep; New Insect; Sketch of the Natural History of the Salmo Salar, or Common Salmon;

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 4 Issue 10 – October 1831

Articles include: On the Indian Burusatee; A Successful Case of Neurotomy; On the Treatment of Tetanus; Singular Penetration in the Thoracic Cavity of a Cow; Two Cases of Neurotomy; Veterinary Schools.- No. IV Copenhagen;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 13 Issue 12 – December 1840

Articles include: The Veterinary Profession; On Glanders; Extract from the Compte-Rendu of the Labours of the Royal Veterinary School at Alfort, During the Scholastic Year 1839-40; On Abortion in Cattle; A Case of Ventral Hernia in a Mare;…