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‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 35 Issue 1 – January 1862

Articles include: Communication and Cases. On Melanosis; On Indian Hemp; Thoughts on Hydrothorax; Botany as Applied to Veterinary Science; Worms in the Eyes of Geese
Tetanus Supervening Open-Joint; On Castration by Scraping the Cord;..

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 38 Issue 2 – February 1865

Articles include: Communications and Cases. Cases of Disease of the Blood-Vessels of the Horse; Influenza Among the Horses in the Metropolis; The Administration of Medicine to Cows the Subjects of Parturient Apoplexy; A Singular Accumulation of Fat in a Four-Year-Old Ox of the Short Horned Breed…

“The Quarterly Journal of Veterinary Science in India and Army Animal Management” Vol 4 Issue 14 – January 1886

Articles include: advertisement; Editorial . On Military Veterinary Science as a Speciality; Experimental Therapeutics; Civil Veterinary Reports. Cattle Disease in the Amherst District; Army Animal Management. Notes on the Camel as an Animal of Transport; Military Veterinary Records;…