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‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 36 Issue 5– May 1863

Article include: Communications and Cases. Observations on “Soundness”; Comments on a Recent Case of Rupture of the Colon in a Horse; Fractured Radius Supervening a Kick Several Days Previously Inflicted; Botany as Applied to Veterinary Science
On Ulceration of the Intestines;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 36 Issue 7 – July 1863

Articles include: Communications and Cases. Diseased Meat; Tumour Within the Windpipe of a Horse; Remarks by Professor Varnell; Simple Rules on Shoeing; Cases of Purpura Haemorrhagica; Ruptured Colon in a Horse; The Use of the Hydrated Perxide of Iron in Cases of Poisoning by Arsenic…