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Spackman, Thomas – “Of The Madde Dogge…” (1613)

“Of The Madde Dogge: together with the Cure of those most dangerous wounds and fearefull accidents, hapning to man and beast through their bitings.” Published 1613

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 1 Issue 2 – February 1828

Articles include: To Our Correspondents; Mr Sewell’s Introductory Lecture, 1827; The Anatomy of the Horse; Injection of Medicines into the Veins; Aneurism of the Aorta; Wounds into Joints; Strangles Succeeded by Lock Jaw; Quittor;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 1 Issue 3 – March 1828

Articles include: Anatomy of the Horse; Diseases of Horses in India; Worms in the Eyes of Oxen; Vesical and Biliary Calculi; Horn found within the Stomach of the Foetus; Injection of Opium and Acetate of Morphium into the Veins of the Horse;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 1 Issue 8 – August 1828

Articles include: Anatomy of the Horse; On Comparative Anatomy; On the Nerves of the Uterus and Female Organs; On Staggers; Horns in the Horse; Enlargement of the Stenonian or Parotid Duct; Castration;..

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 6 Issue 1 – January 1833

Articles include: Mr Youatt’s Veterinary Lectures, Lecture XXIV; A Case of Strangulation of the Small Intestines; On Choking in Horses and Cattle; On Cows not Cleansing; A Case of Nephritis; Cases of Spasmodic Action of the Diaphragm;…

Clark, Bracy – “Inflammation of the Lungs; Pneumonia, or Pneumonitis” (1838)

Inflammation of the Lungs; Pneumonia, or Pneumonitis

6 – “The Chest and its Contents.- Their Accidents and their Diseases”

Artwork including: “A steaming apparatus for diseases of the lungs”; “A Horse Dressed for Bronchitis”; “The Cough of Confirmed Bronchitis”; “Pneumonia. A Pleasant Sight”; “The Result of Pneumonia”; “Dropsy of the Chest or Hydro-Thorax”;…

7 – “The Stomach, Liver etc.- Their Accidents and their Diseases”

Artworks include: “Spasm of the Diaphram – The young man and the old Horse”; “Acute Gastritis”; “Chronic Gastritis”

8 – “The Abdomen.- Its Accidents and its Diseases”

Artworks include: “Worms”; “Test for Enteritis”; “A quart syring for injecting the veins in Enteritis”; “Applying an Ammoniacal blister”; “Acute Dysentary”; “Acites”; “Influenza”; “Walking a Horse out after active measures during an attack of influenza”…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 43 Issue 3 – March 1870

Articles include: Observations on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse’s Foot, Aneurism of the Posterior Aorta of a Horse, Observations on Mr. Overed’s Case of Partial Occlusion of the Trachea, Fracture of the Tibia, Acute Inflammation of the Heart, Four Cases of Rabies in Cattle, Recovery of a Dog from Poisoning by Strychnia…