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Tag: John Gamgee’s Veterinary College

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 38 Issue 6 – June 1865

Articles include: Communications and Cases. Impaction of a Calculus in the Urethra of an Ox, Leading to a Rupture of the Bladder; Poisoning of Cattle by the Waste of Some Green Flock-Paper; Abnomal Development of the Right Lung of a Lamb; Sucessful Case of Rumenotomy; Three Cases of Coenurus Cerebralsis in Calves. – Two Successfully Operated Upon; Acephalocyst Located in the Septum Auriculorum of the Heart of a Cow…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 38 Issue 7 – July 1865

Articles Include: Communications and Cases. Disease of the Brain and Cranial Bones Produced by a Cancerous Tumour; Tumours in the Ventricle of the Brain of the Horse, Complicated with Oedema of the Head and Tongue;
Toxicological Notes. Communicated by Professor Tuson; The Exclusive Right of the Members of the Body Corporate to the Name and Title of ” Veterinary Surgeons”; Botany as Applied to Veterinary Science;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 39 Issue 5 – May 1866

Articles include: Communications and Cases. Cattle Plague in Sheep; The Cattle Plague, Typhus Contagieux of the French, Rinderpest of the Germans, Ischuma of the Russians; Observations on “Soundness”;
Rupture of the Oesophagus of a Pony, through a Ball having been Impacted in; Remarks on the above by Professor Varnell; Tumour in the Rectum of a Cow; Large Numbers of Parasites – Taenia and Strongles – Found in the Ilium and caecum of a Mare;…