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Snape, Andrew – “The Anatomy of an Horse” Book 4 (1683)

Chapters include: Chap. I. Containeth a description of the several sorts of Flesh, and an Apology for not expressing the Muscles so particularly in Figures as I have done other Parts of the Body, Chap. II. Of the Muscles of the Eye-lids, Chap. III. Of the Muscles of the Eye, Chap. IV. Of the Muscles of the Nose, Chap. V. Of the Muscles of the Lips and Cheeks…

Snape, Andrew – “The Anatomy of an Horse” Book 3 (1683)

Chapters include: Chap. I. Of the Head and Animal Part’s contained therein, Chap. II. Of the Brain in general, Chap. III. Of the several Parts of the Brain, viz. that which is strictly called the Brain, the Cerebellum or After-brain, and the Spinal Marrow, Chap. IV . Of the Spinal Marrow contained within and without the Skull.

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 45 Issue 3 – March 1872

Articles include: Observations on the Anatomy and Physiology of the Horse’s Foot, Rabies in the Horse, Report of an Outbreak of Splenic Apoplexy in a Dairy of Milch Cows, Observations on a Few Cases of Porrigo, Accidental Poisoning of Pigs by a Decoction of Digitalis…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 45 Issue 9 – September 1872

Articles include: The Appointment of Medical Examiners to Veterinary Examining Boards, Bursatie, Experiments With Carbolic Acid, The Principles of Botany, Aslike Clover – Its Reputed Ill-Effects on Animals…