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‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 1 Issue 11 – November 1828

Articles include: Fistulous Parotid Duct; Extirpation of the Parotid Gland; Sandy Soil in Diseased Colon and Caecum, and Bots in the Oesophagus; Paralysis of the Right Posterior Extremity; On Veterinary Medical Education;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 2 Issue 12 – December 1829

Articles include: On Scrotal Hernia; Pneumonia, followed by Peritonitis and Ascites; On Breeding; Obstinate Constipation in a Mare; On the Navicular Lameness and Nerve Operation; Veterinary Medical Society; On Soundness;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 3 Issue 8 – August 1830

Articles include: Anatomy of the Horse; Pathological Facts and Observations; An Account of a Monstrosity, Partaking of the Peculiarties of a Cow and Horse; A Case of Prolapsus Uteri; A Case of Affection of the Brain; A Case of Fracture of both the Metacarpal Bones;…

FS/2/2/2/1/1 – Selected papers from veterinary case notes relating to the Liver

Detailed account of case of severe cirrhosis, and artworks depicting: Hypermorphic Connective Tissue; Inflamed Bile Duct and Inflamed Liver; Calcium Deposits; Liver from Skin Disease Case; Ruptured Liver; Dilated Duct; Abscess and Lobe Devoid of Blood

FS/2/2/2/1/11 – Selected papers from veterinary case notes relating to Ovarian Tumours