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13 – “The Feet.- Their Accidents and their Diseases”

Artworks include: “Lameness No. 1”; “Lameness No. 2 & 3”; “Lameness No. 6 & 7”; “Sandcrack No.5 & No.1”; “Sandcrack No.2 & 3″; ” Sandcrack No.4″; “False Quarter”; “Seedy Toe”; “Overreach and Tread”; “Diagrams Illustration the production of corn”;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 40 Issue 9 – September 1867

Articles include: Remarks on Some of the Diseases Affecting the Facial Region of the Horse’s Head; Thoughts on Quittor; The Veterinary Charter in Embryo; On Impracticable Delivery Arising from Malformation of the Foetus; Abscess in Heart, Liver and Spleen of a Heifer; Acute Rheumatism in a Mare;…

113 – Letter to Frederick Smith from Fred Bullock, 25 Nov 1913

Bullock writes about Smith’s request for a photograph of the Harley manuscripts 5086 and 6398, ‘the Boke of Marchalsi’. He also responds to Smith’s questions regarding terminology of horse ailments, St Archangel, and quittor.