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37 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 31 May 1920

Smith writes to instruct Bullock to do no work in the evenings, and uses the example of Charles Darwin. Smith also mentions the ‘Journal of Physiology’, ‘Journal of Comparative Pathology’ and ‘Veterinary Journal’ and articles submitted for publication. He writes that he is now reworking the chapter on generation and development for the new edition of ‘Veterinary Physiology’, and asks Bullock if he would prefer to review the proofs instead of his wife Janet, due to the ‘intimate’ content…

38 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 9 Jun 1920

Smith writes to correct his previous erroneous comments regarding Marie Stopes and her work ‘Married Love’. He also mentions the Benevolent Fund and Janet Bullock editing his manuscripts. Smith thanks Bullock for contacting the veterinary school in Alfort, France, to try and acquire Gabriel Colin’s autograph. He also mentions Professor Milroy contributing to ‘Veterinary Physiology’, and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons council.