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‘Farrier and Naturalist’ Vol 1 Issue 2 – February 1828

Articles include: Description of the Royal Mews Pimilico; On the Importance and Present Estimation of the Veterinary Profession in England; On the Diseases of the Eye of the Horse; Observations on the Distemper in Dogs;…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 33 Issue 3 – March 1860

Articles include: Communication and Cases. An Essay on Secretion, with some of the Circumstances which modify that Process in Animals; On Valerianic Acid, and the Valerianates; Oedema Succeeding upon Strangles
Injury of the Vagina and Rectum of a Mare; Rupture of the Oesophagus; Ruptured Stomach…

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 37 Issue 8 – August 1864

Articles include: Communications and Cases. Cystitis, Followed by Rupture of the Bladder, in a Mare; Report on the Results of the Chemical Analyses Made in Connection with the Supposed Death of Three Cows from Gathering up the Spray of Rifle Bullets: Recorded by Mr. Watson, in the May Number of the Veterinarian; On Some of the Diseases of the Respiratory Organs of the Horse and Other Animals; Disease of the Heart and Intestines Complicated with Effusion;…
Inflammation and Obstruction of the Stomach and Intestines