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1 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 7 Feb 1915

Smith writes about various subjects including: Bullock visiting Dr A S Lea; the current actions of the War [World War, 1914-1918]; German forces advance through Belgium; French forces preparations for war; Prince Henry…

1 – Letter to Frederick Smith from Fred Bullock, 17 Jan 1916

Bullock writes with information about buildings damaged in London by bombs during air raids by German Zeppelins in September 1915. He encloses typescript notes made in September 1915. He also mentions research…

6 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 7 May 1916

Smith writes to inform Bullock that he will soon be reverting to Retired Pay and leave the service. He gives a new contact address in Salisbury, and says he is looking for new employment which will help the War effort.

9 – Letter to Fred Bullock from Frederick Smith, 11 Oct 1916

Smith writes regarding sorting his books and papers, and sending material to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Library. He mentions that he might burn some of his personal papers, and offers Bullock an…