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‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 34 Issue 10 – October 1861

Articles include: Communication and Cases. Scientific and Analytical Chemisty. On a New form of Chloride of Sodium; Case of Strangulated Ilium; Reply to the Above by Mr. Varnell; Pyaemia in a Foal; Case of Hernia;
Case of Hemiplegia;..

‘The Veterinarian’ Vol 38 Issue 6 – June 1865

Articles include: Communications and Cases. Impaction of a Calculus in the Urethra of an Ox, Leading to a Rupture of the Bladder; Poisoning of Cattle by the Waste of Some Green Flock-Paper; Abnomal Development of the Right Lung of a Lamb; Sucessful Case of Rumenotomy; Three Cases of Coenurus Cerebralsis in Calves. – Two Successfully Operated Upon; Acephalocyst Located in the Septum Auriculorum of the Heart of a Cow…